Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My team

I'm a lucky guy because my current team (Jason, Dinh Hai and Tien Dung) is GREAT.

The team leader, Jason, is an artist. He write songs, design nice web front-ends. He is also a great programmer. In past few years, he used Prototype, Scriptaculous for most JavaScript works. When we decided to switch to jQuery, he just need few days to master it. How about Ruby and Rails? Well, he can do Ruby meta-programming and write Rails plugins. He is the bridge among us, our boss and customers.

Another teammate, Dinh Hai, is the only person I know that can smile in every situation. He has a GREATE attitude while working. No matter hard the jobs are, if he said he will do it, sure it will be done well. Dinh Hai is well know for his rich experience: he do a lot of projects using various programming languages and tools. He know Java, PHP, ASP, .NET equally well. Before become a Web Developer, he was a enterprise developer at Singtel (the biggest telecom company in south-east asia) that explains why he is great at back-end system (servers, databases, networks).

The last one, Tien Dung. I have a strong background in computer science and good at problem solving. I have no difficulty in understanding algorithms, reading research papers and applying newest technologies.

One of us have different strengths and combining together we are a world-class web development team :)

One more reason that make our team GREATE is that we all know:
United we will.
Divided we fail.

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