Friday, September 19, 2008

More freedom from Yahoo for Web Developers

Just read a very interesting news from "The Noisy Chanel" that Yahoo is going to release Yahoo Query Language. You can read YQL Open Hack Day slides or YQL doc for more details. It seems to be that Yahoo will open all it's data through YQL and never before developers can get a lot of freedom to use Yahoo flatform to create incredible applications.

Want to extract some words from The Noisy Chanel:
"Skimming the documentation, I had the impression that it might allow functionality that I’ve never seen a web search API allow–namely, the ability to pick your own sort. To be useful (at least in my view), this has to be an operation applied before the results are truncated to the top results based on the search engine’s default ranking."

After reading above news, I'm really looking forward that Vietnamese programmers can combine Yahoo Open Search API with Vietnamese Language Processing to build our own Free Customized Search Engine for Vietnam People.

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