Thursday, July 24, 2008

How I became a web developer

A year ago I heard about Web 2.0 term. What is it? Why people talk a lot about it? Then started read more and more about it. I started with a presentation on

(Can't find exact the slide but this one is also good and have more information)

I was excited about beautiful and convenient web apps. Anybody can use them, just open a browser and type in an url. That all you need to start an web app (no installation, no upgrading, ....) Then I learned how to create a web apps and found Rails. At that time there was only around 5 good book about Ruby and Rails (now I think the number is 50 :). Read Pragmatic Programmer to learn how to be better programmer day after day. Then I found Getting Real, an excellent collection of advices for small team who want to build next great startups. Here are my sticky notes summarized what I learn from Web 2.0 and startups one year ago :)

And now, I'm proud to be a Web Developer at Spiragram. A small but strong Ruby on Rails shop in Singapore. We are one of the only 3 software companies in town that coding Ruby for food. We are the man behind: Brings the best of Hollywood to Asia Instant Social Advice Network Singapore Agent for Science, Technology and Research

And we are rushing to finish a startup. Will be release soon :)

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