Monday, July 28, 2008

No complaining week

The idea belongs to my friend, Dinh Hai. He is the only man I know that can keep the smile on his face 24/7. Once time I asked him "Hai, how can you smile in every situation?". He answered "very simple, all you need is practicing". He was right. I has practiced "SMILE in every situations" for more than two month. It's a magic. I feel happy every time I smile and it help me to over come bad situations and make good situation even better :)

Come back to the main topic "No complaining week".

What to do?
Don't complain anybody or anything within a week.

* When you start complaining. You are accept the situation and don't want to change it.
* When you complaining, you make everybody around feel bad.
* When you complaining, everybody don't find you trusty and lovely.

What can I do instead of complaining?
Instead of spend time complaining people and things. Concentrate on CONTRIBUTION:
* What can I do to make the situation better?
* What can I help to solve the problem?
* How can I help to make everybody feel better?

How to do it?
* Every time you want to complain, try to close your mouth and start smiling and breathe deeply. You will be calm.
* Ask your friends to remind you this is "no complaining week" when they see you start complaining.

If you think it a good idea. Join us!

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