Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Image Processing & Computer Vision for Ruby

Google the title will show two libs: Camellia and HornetsEyes both of them have are built in C/C++ and have complete Ruby interface.

Camellia 2.7.0 gem installation fail on Leopard. Then I compiled Camellia 2.7.0 from source code and install camellia-2.5.10 gem follow the guide here. Luckily, they can work together.

HornetsEyes require a lot of libs in order to build (Qt4, Boost, ImageMagick...). I failed to install Boost then I stopped.

When compared example code, I found Camellia is more friendly and easy to use. Let see
Camellia examples and one HornetsEyes example. HornetsEyes follows Class Oriented style (often found in C++/Java) in Ruby cloth.

I voted for Camellia: Smaller and Easier to use

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