Saturday, July 19, 2008

Brainstorming Guideline

From "Brainstorming Define & Guideline" in "The Myths of Innovation (2007 Oreilly)" book:

We have 3 things: FACTS, IDEAS, and SOLUTIONS

  • Fact Finding: collecting data, information and research about "what is need to be done?"
  • Idea Finding: the exploration of possibilities - free from as many constraints as possible and using ignoring facts as needed to find for ideas.
  • Solution Finding: the development of promising ideas into solutions that can be applied to the world

Brainstorming Rules

  • Produce as many ideas as possible (as many as you can, quantity over quality)
  • Produce ideas as wild as possible (think different, don't follow convention)
  • Build upon each other's ideas
  • Avoid passing judgment

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