Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I join alonetone.com open source project

I feel excited to work with Sudara, an artist and an Engine Yard's programmer, to improve alonetone.com.

Sudara created the site in Jan 2008 as a home for musicians where they can upload their music and freely share it on the Internet. Few month later, alonetone had evolved as a community for musicians who love to write music, talk about music and want to distribute their work freely.

More facts about alonetone:
  • 2922 original & legally uploaded mp3s
  • around 300 musicians
  • 7.5 days of continuous free music
  • 11.7 gigabytes of mp3
  • 500 avg listens per day
Will alonetone be very successful or be failure? I don't care much. The point is that Sudara have been trying very hard to make his dream come true. And he need help, need to be understood, and to be inspired by other people.

I will do more work on back-end so Sudara have time to improve design, refine the direction of alonetone and to create great songs like this:

Back to the cold, by Sudara

Sudara, can you create a song for our programmers like this song? :D

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