Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why JavaScript is important and you will love it :)

Do you know "what is the programming language of the Web?". Is it PHP or ASP
S or C/C++ or Java or Python or Ruby or may be Lisp? (Note: HTML and CSS are not programming languages)

My answer is no, no, no and no. Ladies and gentlemen, our champion is JavaScript:
  • All web browsers have it
  • All Web 2.0 apps use it
  • Adobe Flash & Flex have it
  • It's one of the only four programming languages are allowed to use at Google (others are C/C++, Java and Python)
  • Googlers love it so much that they created a JavaScript web app framework called Rhino on Rails :))
  • It can run on both client side and server side (SpiderMonkey, Rhino ... )
  • Web apps prefer JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) than XML
Now I think you agree with me that JavaScript is important. You should learn it. I'm sure that you will love it when you learn it in the right way.
  • It's a simple language
  • It's easy to learn
  • It's functional
  • It's object is very flexible
  • It supports lexical closure (you can do great thing when combine closure and funtional)
How to learn it in the right what? I suggest you start from here:

More very good and free material can be found at:

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