Friday, August 22, 2008

Big win for Firefox's SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine

Excellent news from Firefox development team.
JavaScript in Firefox 3.1 is 2 to 30 times faster than in Firefox 3.0. Details here.

It will be a big win any project that use SpiderMonkey engine like Firefox, CouchDB and Aptana Jaxer.

CouchDB use SpiderMonkey for JavaScript function used in views and follow MapReduce model. I had worried about the speed of CouchDB view functions because we all know that JavaScript is much slower than other dynamic programming langugage (Python, Perl ..) because it was treated as a toy language. Now my worry has gone. Thanks to Firefox team who care about JavaScript and performance.

John Resig said that "With this improvement it's leap-frogged any sort of traditional and has gone head-to-head with computationally-powerful languages like C. I fully expect to see more, massive, projects being written in JavaScript. Projects that expect the performance gains that we're starting to see. Applications that are number-heavy (like image manipulation) or object-heavy (like relational object structures). "

Hope it will be true, very soon :)

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