Wednesday, July 30, 2008

English-Vietnamese Translation Service (1)

For me, is the first step to build a web service that help Vietnamese people translating English documents FASTER and EASIER.

The original idea is presented at 05/05/2008, when I formed a group of three programmers to start the journey:
Small Team, Big Success
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After several months, learning web development by working together at weekend, we released Here is a shameless advertisement:

"So many dictionary applications! Is it enough? Is outstanding? What makes it different? Well, we believe in KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Instead of adding as much languages as possible, we concentrate on English and Vietnamese. Our apps will be the bridge between two languages to help Vietnamese people learn, understand and play with English joyfully.

Instead of going for features races, we concentrate on information access and present it as convenient as possible. Why do you have to select dictionary types, turn on/off Vietnamese input method before you enter any word to look-up? Why you have to look though a lot of examples and idioms before you found the meanings you want to? Can you just double mouse click on the word you want to look-up instead of typing?

With, you just type or click and get the results. No options, no noisy information, friendly and customizable user interface."

Let compare interfaces of Baamboo Tra từ and with, you will see the different:

No difference between baamboo and vdict is different